Extrusion of plastics
production of profiles and tubes
of all types of plastic according to
the customer's requirement

Production of plastic tubes and profiles
Production of plastic tubes and profiles
Production of plastic tubes and profiles
Production of plastic tubes and profiles
Production of plastic tubes and profiles
Headquarters of BB vytlačování plastů s.r.o.
  • Purely Czech company founded in 1993
  • 25 employees working at the company, production area in Příchovice near Pilsen
  • We belong to the largest Czech producers of plastic profiles and tubes of all types of plastic materials
  • Our products are a part of numerous solutions and systems in a wide range of using
  • We cooperate with several renowned customers in CR and entire Europe, approx. 50% of turnover is our export
  • We operate in 14 production lines from renowned producers Krauss Maffei, Weber, Alpha, Ide and other extruders meant for production, s.c. coextrusions
  • The company was certified for the quality management system according to ISO 9001:20016 and meets also the highest demands on environmental protection
ISO Certificate
Certified Firm
Production of plastic products
  • We work with you from the beggining of the proposal process or profile development, we are able to offer solution of Your requirement by a design of a suitable material, shape verifying, manufacturability, etc.
  • We produce profiles and tubes from all basic types of materials, which are PC, PMMA, PS, ABS, PE, PP, PVC, PUR, TPE, PA and others
  • profiles can be cut at an angle, punch, mark and laminate with a foil or self-adhesive tape
  • we also own the technology to prepare our own material types - we do mix the materials to the required parameters (toughness, color, etc.)
  • in the framework of our technology we can also offer processing of material and technological waste from production to the form of powder, crumb and regranulate
  • in case of your interest do not hesitate to contact us for arranging details and following procedure of an offer

We look for suitable workers (both male and female) in position of a PRODUCTION SPECIALIST

Job description

  • preparation of the line for production
  • calibrating of the machine and production according to a production order
  • product controlling


  • experience from a production company necessary
  • carefullness, reliability, responsibility, independence and enthusiasm


  • personal attitude to employees, family-type company
  • extraordinary salary level (initial salary + increase after probation)
  • collective work – 50% men /50% women
  • working schedule – three-shift operation with bonuses for late and night shifts
  • main employment for indefinite period
  • benefits

In case of your interest do not hesitate to contact us via phone +420 377 982 699 or via e-mail on bbplasty-ZAVINOVADLO:bbplasty.cz

Production of plastic tubes and profiles
Výrobní středisko Příchovice

Registered office of the company

BB vytlačování plastů spol. s r.o.

Na Roudné 21, 301 00 Pilsen


IČO: 48360376, DIČ: CZ48360376

Established as C 3534 at the Regional Court in Pilsen


Web: www.bbplasty.cz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BB...

Production center - Příchovice (correspondence address)

Příchovice 273, 334 01 Přeštice

Mobil: +420 608 936 086

Ph./Fax: +420 377 982 699

E-mail: bbplasty-ZAVINOVADLO:bbplasty.cz

How to get to a production center

Upon arriving in Příchovice, you will drive along the main road to a small chapel where you can see a label called BB Plastic Pressing, turn right at the chapel to the left, then continue straight to the junction where you turn left again. On the mild hill again left and here is the entrance to the company premises.

Business office

Grafická 22

150 00 Praha 5

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